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People who are harmed by police are not being heard. Victims of police misconduct need independent investigations. Now.

Police cannot be trusted to investigate themselves.

“You will not find a victim who hasn’t found dealing with IBAC traumatic, frustrating, and futile. You will not find a family violence complainant to IBAC who is happy with IBAC.”

Emma (not her real name)

"And then pushed me into the wall, my head smashed into the tunnel at which point I became very afraid” 

Kirsty Mac

Do you know that nearly all allegations (99%) of police misconduct are investigated by Victoria Police themselves?

This is why Victoria needs a


The problem

Police harm goes unanswered

Police are given extensive powers. They carry and use guns, tasers, pepper spray and batons, they can stop and search people on the street, and enter a person’s home. But who is keeping an eye on how these powers are being used? There is no independent monitoring of police powers and use of force.

The solution

Victoria needs a Police Ombudsman

Only a well-resourced, independent Police Ombudsman can start to solve this problem. Victorians have a Telecommunications Ombudsman, a Public Transport Ombudsman, an Energy and Water Ombudsman and the Victorian Ombudsman. Why don’t we have a Police Ombudsman?

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Artwork: Elena Fom

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